Horse races are one of the exciting sports that you can enjoy watching and placing bets on. It’s a wonderful experience to watch horses racing as it gives you free horse racing tips.  You can also make money from it. The good thing about horse racing is that it has a lot of traditions and history. This makes horse racing to be both entertainment and an experience.
When it comes to the types of horse racing bets, there are two categories of bets you can choose from when you are placing bets on ponies. These two different categories include straight wagers and exotic wagers.

If you are a beginner, then it is advisable that you stick to straight wagers. This is because they are very simple and are cheap. It involves just picking one horse to either finish first, second or third. In most tracks, straight wagers usually require a minimum of $2. For exotic wagers, you can place multiple bets on several horses and combine them on a single wafer. This makes exotic wagers to be much more difficult to win. To successfully bet on exotic wagers, you need to have an advanced degree of knowledge and skill in picking horses. Exotic wagers are also more expensive than straight wagers.

Straight Wagers

In straight wagers, there are several markets you can bet on. However, you only place any bet on only one horse. You can bet for a horse to win. This means that the horse you choose has to come first.You can also bet on a horse to “place”. This means that you are betting on this horse to come first or second. You can also bet on your horse to “show”. This means that your horse has to come first, second or third. You can also bet across the board. This means that your horse has to win, place and show.

Exotic Wagers

In exotic wagers, there are also several markets that you can explore. One of the markets you can bet on is the Exacta. When you place an Exacta bet, you are betting on horses to come first and second in order. The payoff is usually very lucrative.

Quinella bet

You can also place a Quinella bet. In this bet, you are placing a bet on two horses to finish first and second in any order. In a Trifecta bet, you are placing a bet on three different horses to finish first, second and third in exact order. In a Superfecta bet, you place a bet on four horses to finish first to fourth in any order, the winnings of such bets are usually lucrative. This means that if you win, you win big.…